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Microloan Project In Kenya

Our Kenya project is operated by Kiva (meaning "agreement" or "unity" in Swahili) (www.kiva.org) and the Women's Economic Empowerment Consort (WEEC), and funded loans for 100 of the very poorest women including Masai tribeswomen who traditionally raise cattle and who need to buy cattle for breeding and/or for dairy products.

COMMON HOPE FOR HEALTH St. Paul’s Health Centre

for more information please contact: aggrey@ugunja.org or and matthew.mulder@gmail.com

Common Hope For Health is 501)c)3 nonprofit corporation and public charity based in Boston, Massachusetts. CHH’s mission is to improve global health through solidarity-based partnerships with grassroots health initiatives in low-resource settings. Our flagship partner is Ugunja Community Resource Center (UCRC), an indigenous community development organization in rural Kenya. Together, CHH and UCRC pursue a holistic approach to ensuring health and well-being in a community of 12,000 individuals.

An old Kenyan proverb rhythmically states, “HABA na HABA, hujaza kibaba.” Little by little one fills the pot.” In the face of uncertainty and adversity, the proverb says, it is best to simply get started and see, little by little, where things go. That maxim has guided the work of Ugunja Community Resource Center (UCRC), our partner organization in Kenya, since 1986, when a group of farmers came together to purchase a dairy cow to provide milk for their village. That dairy cooperative catalyzed further conversations about how to improve the community’s well-being, and subsequently, over the next two decades, the community established a farmer training program, a nursery school, a high school, a savings cooperative, and much more. Expanding in scope to meet the community’s needs, what began as one-cow dairy cooperative has become a leading indigenous non-profit organization that leverages local knowledge, resources, and relationships to drive positive social change.