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Organ Donation

"Tell Your Family Your Wishes"

Julia was a strong advocate of organ donation. She put the sticker for organ donation on the back of her driver's license before she ever put it in her wallet. She could not understand why everyone didn't do it. She said, "it's a no brainer! If one person doesn't need something and it could help someone else to live, why would they not give that gift?"

A critical aspect of being willing to be an organ donor is to share that decision with one's own family members. They are the ones who would be consulted by the medical professionals before such a donation were made. One convenient way to notify family members of willingness to be a donor is to complete and distribute copies of the following notification form, which was developed by DONATE LIFE. Click here to download it.

Donate Life, California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, is California's first online donor database. Previously, Californians could indicate their desire to donate organs and tissue by signing a card or placing a pink sticker on their driver's license, but if that preference was not specified in a will, it often went unheeded. Now a central registry greatly expedites these critical gifts of life. The Donate Life California Registry is available online at http://www.donateLIFEcalifornia.org.

Additionally, as of July 1, 2006, the California Department of Motor Vehicles partnered with the new Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Under the new law, the California DMV now captures donor decisions of licensed drivers on new and renewal license applications, and electronically shares that information with the Donate Life California registry.

The Julia Burke Foundation Organ Donation

At a ceremony in Washington D.C., Julia's parents were presented with a medal by the U.S. Surgeon General honoring Julia's gift of sight and life to others. That medal, shown at left, is now embedded in her headstone, reflecting Julia's fierce advocacy of organ donation.

Marilyn and Jerry Burke honoring organ donors on the floor of the State Senate
T.V. Ad promoting Organ Donation 2003
T.V. Ad featuring Kris Klug, 2002
T.V. Ad w/ dedication to Julia and Promoting Organ Donation