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Tournament of Champions (TOC)

Presented at the Lexington, Kentucky

A national high school annual debate award has been established, and was presented for the first time at the national Tournament of Champions, held at the University of Kentucky on May 6-8 of 2000. The purpose of this award is to recognize a high school policy debater who achieves competitive excellence in high school policy debate on the national circuit, and who demonstrates goodness of heart despite the pressures of competition at the highest level. The award includes a perpetual and an individual trophy, a $2,000 college scholarship, and a $2,000 contribution to the charity designated by the recipient.

Click here to read the speech by Ryan Mills from the TOC award ceremony on May 5, 2003

Tournament of Champions (TOC) Awards

Trophies by Randy Strong. Phone: 510-525-3150. rstrong@vdn.com

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